Degen Donkeys: A Breath of Fresh Air in NFTs

We’re tired of seeing the same old shit in NFTs. As members of a fast-paced community, we need to be willing to innovate. Watch us.

The Culture and Vision

The Culture of Degeneracy is not only organic but is programmed within our beliefs. One day you start buying some crypto, you’ve made yourself a little bag, you then look into DeFi, NFTs and you start to 10x your portfolio consistently. One good flip and you’re hooked. If you’re anything like us, you know this story oh too well.

Many projects in this space are all about the money. Newsflash, degens love money. But unlike most projects, we’re putting our ETH where our mouth is. The ideas and experiences we have planned for Degen Donkey holders are innovative, unique, and will last a lifetime.

We plan on providing value to our holders in various different ways:

  • All-inclusive paid trips to places around the world.
  • “Degenfest”, an IRL festival curated for all Degens.
  • An exclusive virtual club built on our private land in the Metaverse.
  • NFT and Crypto events for Degen Donkey NFT holders within our OG Discord stage, and eventually within the Metaverse.
  • Launchpad allowing rising developers and artists to increase their presence within the web3 space.

Our Core Values

As degens, we don’t take stuff too serious but we still want to lead by example and abide by five core values: Community, Integrity, Lifestyle, Onboarding, and Decentralization. We believe upholding these 5 core pillars will cultivate the exact Degenerate culture we are looking for without it becoming an all out brawl.


As leading Degens, our core values are woven into everything we do.

Launchpad: Using our platform to provide rising artists a way to boost their engagement within the industry. This gives holders an opportunity to get a first look at what's to come in this space.

Degenverse: We will build our presence in the Metaverse by purchasing land on Sandbox. This will be used for exclusive events, marketing events, and renting out advertising space for community-approved partnerships.

Degenwear: Streetwear merch drops made available exclusively to holders. Each drop will have a limited supply and will never be created again.

Degen Parties: First of their kind IRL parties built exclusively for the Degens. Our first event will be held in Miami, Florida in 2022. As Degens, we will create memorable experiences that we will share with the world.

Degen Perks: Exclusive access to raffles for paid vacations, tickets to NFT & Crypto events, networking events, discounts to brands we partner with, and more.

The Degen Donkeys

Degen Donkeys are a collection of 6969 Degenerates living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Degen Donkey acts as your ticket into The Culture, as well as the exclusive commercial rights to your donkey. Each donkey is randomly generated from over 180 possible traits and no two donkeys are the same.

Discord Progression

The Degen Donkeys represent the inner degen within all of us. Since we believe in the importance of community, we want to encourage fellow degens to engage with one another. To show your true degeneracy you must work your way up to the infamous OG role claiming your lasting spot as an OG within the project.

Join the Community

Come along for the ride and join us in disrupting the status quo… or don’t, we don’t care. We will make a massive impact either way.

Follow us on Twitter:

Join our discord:




Degen Donkeys NFT are a collection of 6969 Degenerates living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Degen Donkey acts as your ticket into The Culture.

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Degen Donkeys

Degen Donkeys

Degen Donkeys NFT are a collection of 6969 Degenerates living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Degen Donkey acts as your ticket into The Culture.

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