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Degen Donkeys
6 min readDec 15, 2021


The Degen Donkeys are a collection of 6969 degenerate characters living on the ethereum blockchain. Every piece is unique with a variety of traits such as clothing, background colors, facial expression, fur, hair, hats, and other accessories.

The donkeys mix both lore, real-world, and metaverse utility to bring an expression of counterculture and adversity personified through art. When buying a donkey you are buying a ticket into a new asset class and making a statement online. We aim to bring value to not only the holders of the project but everyone who is a part of this emerging NFT industry.

Setting up your wallet:

Consider a cryptocurrency wallet as a bank account; it is used to communicate with blockchain networks in order to safely access, send, and receive cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Ethereum/Etc). MetaMask is the most popular and user-friendly wallet for buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

You will need to download a Chrome Extension for MetaMask. Go to to download and install it.

  1. Click on “Install MetaMask for Chrome” to start the installation

2. Add MetaMask to your Chrome extensions

3. Click on Get Started

4. Click on Create a Wallet

5. Follow the prompts and Create Password.

It is very important that you write this password down somewhere secure!

  1. Reveal Secret Backup Phrase: The following step is extremely important and is the most sensitive part of setting up your wallet. You will be provided with a secret backup phrase. This is a 12-word unique phrase that you can use to restore access to your wallet should you ever forget your password or use a different computer.

Very important! Write down your newly generated phrase in multiple places for security purposes and also make sure you do not misplace your secret phrase. In the event you are using a different computer, have to re-install metamask, you lose/ forgot your password, etc, you will only be able to access your account using this unique passphrase. You should never share your passphrase with anyone. Metamask support will NEVER ask for it, nor should you ever voluntarily give it to them.

No matter the reason, do not ever share your secret phrase with anyone.

7. All Done. Your wallet is now set up.

Step 2 — Buy or Transfer Ethereum (ETH)

Now that you have your MetaMask wallet set up, you’ll need ETH to pay for your Degen Donkey NFT. You can either buy ETH on MetaMask or transfer it from another existing wallet such as Coinbase.

  1. Buying on Metamask — Click on Buy and follow the prompts.

2. Click on Continue to Wyre

3. Convert USD or other currencies into ETH:

Follow the next page to enter your credit/ debit card details to purchase your ETH. This will then be credited to your MetaMask wallet.

Transferring ETH From Another Wallet

You can also transfer ETH from another wallet by going to the “Withdraw” page of your respective exchange and entering your wallet address.

Each wallet address is made up of letters and numbers and may be used to send and receive digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether. In traditional banking systems, it’s comparable to an account number. Wallet Addresses are public and safe to share with others and do not contain any of your personal information.

Step 3 — Set up an OpenSea Account

OpenSea is the most used online platform for buying and selling NFTs. Now that your MetaMask wallet is set up and funded with ETH, it’s time to create an account on OpenSea.

Go to or click here OpenSea. As always, make sure to go to and not something that looks similar as there are many fake websites.

Once at the OpenSea website, create your account by clicking on My Profile → Sign in and follow the instructions. Follow the prompts to set up your account. It is straightforward and will take a couple of minutes.

You will need to connect your MetaMask Wallet to OpenSea so you can view the NFTs that are available in your wallet after purchase.

Now it’s time to “Mint” Your Degen Donkey

Now that you have an understanding of how to set up a wallet, buy ETH, and transfer money between wallets, you are ready to mint your Degen Donkey. The creation of the NFT’s history and value on the blockchain is called “minting.” After minting your NFT, your asset will be in your Metamask wallet shortly after the transaction is complete and visible in your OpenSea account.

  1. On the Degen Donkey website, you will see a Mint button which will let you access our minting site. It is recommended that you connect your wallet to the minting site minutes before in preparation for release. Upon connecting you will be asked to confirm that you would like to connect your wallet to the site, please hit the “confirm button”. After clicking “confirm” you may be asked to select an account inside MetaMask, as you are able to have multiple accounts. Once you select your account click next then click connect.
  2. Once connected you will then be able to choose the amount of Degen Donkeys that you would like to mint, be sure to select the true amount and that you have enough ethereum in your wallet to pay for this transaction. ( the total will be shown to you where you get to confirm the amount before proceeding)
  3. After selecting the amount then press “buy” and you will be prompted with your price in your MetaMask account, keep in mind that gas fees will be higher with more traffic on the site, this is normally higher at the time of mint. After paying the transaction will then give you the a“busy” message which means your transaction is pending. After 30–60 seconds you will see a confirmation that your Degen Donkeys have been minted.
  4. After your transaction is complete you can check your MetaMask wallet and your OpenSea profile to see that you now own the Degen Donkey NFT: NOTE it is normal for it to take time to appear in your wallet, it is advised to wait approximately 5 minutes before checking.

*It’s important to mention that Gas fees/Transaction fees are a part of the Ethereum network and we do not control these fees, they do fluctuate depending on how busy their network is. Always remember to invest with money that you can afford to lose and understand that investing/buying NFTs is a very risky asset class, there is no way to reverse charges or initiate chargebacks. Be sure that you have done complete due diligence before purchasing any NFT.*

Wow, good job. You did it.

You just minted a Degen Donkey NFT and have chosen to be a part of something huge. By making it this far it means that you have chosen to dive deep into the technology and join a vastly growing community. Be sure to check out the activity on OpenSea to see others who have shared your interest and stop by the discord to talk and hang out with the rest of the community.



Degen Donkeys

Degen Donkeys NFT are a collection of 6969 Degenerates living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Degen Donkey acts as your ticket into The Culture.