We’re tired of seeing the same old shit in NFTs. As members of a fast-paced community, we need to be willing to innovate. Watch us.

The Culture of Degeneracy is not only organic but is programmed within our beliefs. One day you start buying some crypto, you’ve made yourself a…

The Degen Donkeys are a collection of 6969 degenerate characters living on the ethereum blockchain. Every piece is unique with a variety of traits such as clothing, background colors, facial expression, fur, hair, hats, and other accessories.

The donkeys mix both lore, real-world, and metaverse utility to bring an expression…

Degen Donkeys

Degen Donkeys NFT are a collection of 6969 Degenerates living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Degen Donkey acts as your ticket into The Culture.

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